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The Internet is based on a layered, end-to-end model that allows people at each level of the network to innovate free of any central control. By placing intelligence at the edges rather than control in the middle of the network, the Internet has created a platform for innovation.
- Vinton Cerf
HackerSpring is a content aggregation platform hosted on a distributed network.
All content is stored on IPFS in a distributed data structure. The protocol has no central point of coordination. Nodes broadcast their additions to the network to each other in realtime. Anyone is free to run their own network node if they don't want to use ours.
Here at HackerSpring we believe in freedom of speech and in giving a voice back to the people. We appreciate and encourage free speech as much as possible. We believe that the more we can bring a community together, the more that community will be able to flourish and grow. Within HackerSpring you will be able to view and share thoughts and ideas with everyone.
HackerSpring works by pooling information from all of its users to generate the platform's content. Using blockchain-like technology ensures that nobody can take control of your account, edit, or otherwise delete your posts. This leaves you free from worrying about having your account hacked, your identity stolen or your information leaked.
HackerSpring is highly configurable.
If you dislike the way moderation is used or the subject matter for whatever reason, you can tailor the experience to your own tastes. As a user you will have granular control over the appearance and moderation of your experience.
Community Guidelines -

We will run our hosted platform in the jurisdiction of the United States and content will be moderated appropriately. However, anyone is free to run their own instance however they want.